Hideo Aoyama

Stained Glass Patterns

You can try my stained glass patterns. Please have a look my design and simply download PDF files. Enjoy your creativity.

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Hideo Aoyama


Time to create your original artwork in Ballina, Australia. Do you want to have new experience of creation you have never done? My workshop is ideal for you, You will learn how to design and make stained glass art, pressed flower art and resin jewelry. Ballina is 30min from Byron bay and 60min from Gold Coast.

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Hideo Aoyama

Wedding Bouquet Preservation

Your wedding bouquet is the most memorable bouquet as you know. I would like to help you to preserved your flower and you will enjoy your beautiful bouquet forever and you will remember your happiest day.

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Hideo aoyama

Stained Glass

All stained glass design are inspired by nature what I saw in my life, careflly hand crafted in Ballina, Australia.

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Hideo Aoyama

Pressed Flower Art

I love nature, this is the reason I started working on a pressed flower art. Flowers and leaves are already so beautiful, so I preserved them to keep the colour and shape to enjoy it. What I do is glue it down to good quality paper.

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Hideo Aoyama

Organic Light Lampshade

It is not a normal lampshade. My lampshade gives you natural color from plants. Because I put real plants in the lampshade to enjoy the colour of plants.

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Hideo Aoyama

Resin Jewellery

If you are a nature lover like me, I am sure you will fall in love with my jewellery. Check my Jewellery now.

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