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Hideo Aoyama

Wedding bouquet Preservation | Pressed flower Preservation deposit

Wedding bouquet Preservation | Pressed flower Preservation deposit

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$650   16 x 20" (40.6 x 50.8 cm ) with 94% UV resistant Acrylic Glass  

$720   16 x 20" (40.6 x 50.8 cm) with 99% UV resistant & Non reflective 

Please ask me for any other size options.

Your wedding flowers preserved and pressed for you to keep for years to come.

When I receive your memorial wedding bouquet, it will be carefully separated into individual flowers, sometimes I need to break down to each petals to achieve best results for your special flowers. Once completely pressed and dry, finally I will start working out for design. I carefully choose location of each flowers to make it perfect balance in a frame.

Frames made from Tasmanian Oak and sealed for life. Hanging brackets included for the ease of hanging in your home and my hand made wooden frame is wide enough to stand itself. 94% UV Resistant Acrylic Glass, it will protects flower from fading. Acrylic glass is extremely durable, reduced risk of breakage in transit and Lighter, easier to hang. Of course I have 99% UV resistant Acrylic Glass, if you want this option you can always chose this option on booking.

Location ; Ballina, Australia

How can I book for my bouquet.

Please contact me to see if your wedding schedule is available. Once confirmed you'll be asked for a $100/$150 deposit to confirm your booking.

What you need?

You need flesh flowers to preserve it. I am able to press only flesh flowers not already dried flower. After your amazing day, recut the stems and place in some fresh water. Keep them in a cool area.

How long does it take?

Pressing flowers and design it takes approximately 6-8weeks.

Can all flowers be preserved and pressed?
Some of flowers do not preserve well, because of the thickness of flowers and a lot of  moisture in it.  Some white flowers may turn brown or yellow-ish when pressed but I will do my very best to avoid this, so I recommend sending a variety of your flowers as well as foliage.

How long do the preserved flowers last?
They should last for years to come. With any natural product you may see some changes such as fading over time. We advise you to keep it out of direct sunlight or any moisture heated rooms.

Where can I drop my flowers?

You can drop your flower at my workshop in Ballina, Australia.  Please drop your flower as soon as Possible. Next day of your wedding is the best option, so please ask your friend or family to drop it. If you want to send it please send it by express post.

Can I ship my bouquet?

Yes, you can. I will send a instruction that tells you how to send the flowers.

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